Understanding Content Marketing: Basics and Importance

A content marketing plan is all about constructing a solid strategy to communicate and engage with your users or prospective consumers, no matter when and how when they plan to convert.

Even if you have been in the area of content for years and know content development like the back of your hand, it is important to understand the concept of content marketing so that you can put the use of this skill to test in front of the consumers.

Understanding Content marketing

What is content marketing?

A good content marketing strategy is all about creating content keeping the end-user and the business goals in mind.

A content marketing plan is to have a consistent pipeline of content across multiple consumer touchpoints in order to gain trust of the consumer in the long-run. For instance, in case the business goal is to have more awareness and a better perception amongst its target audience, a sound content marketing plan can attract more users to the website of the company by ranking high in the search results.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing brings multi-pronged results for the companies today. Content marketing can help you increase awareness, improve perception, connect with consumers, generate more leads and improve conversions.

Content marketing is something that will give you a leg up in front of the competition in the long run. It has been often seen that newer companies do not keep content as one of the key pieces in the marketing prism early on. However, it is not the right thing to do. As a content marketing plan is destined to bring results in the long-term, it is helpful to start early.

Like brand messaging where companies want the consumers to identify their brand with a similar set of values and message, content marketing is about giving an identifiable and familiar voice to brands and companies so that they can communicate with the consumers with ease.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

  1. Increased consumer attention: In this day and age where everyone is jostling for consumer’s attention, a sound content marketing plan will give you an edge over the competition. Your content has the potential to result in increased consumer retention. In fact, today’s consumer expect all the brands that he or associated with to supply a consistent dose of content for engagement.
  2. Builds authority: A persistent content marketing plan is able to build authority for the  brand in the long run. Providing content that is able to solve the pain points of the consumer establishes authority and builds trust. It is one of the most foundational steps that you can take in increasing the customer lifetime value (CLV).
  3. Better social media engagement: What is the point of having lakhs and lakhs of likes and followers on your social media pages which does not result in any engagement or traction with the end consumers. If this feels like you, it is time to up your content marketing game and provide high quality content which is of value to the end consumers. Consistence is the key in social media.
  4. Generate leads: A solid content marketing plan will not only be able to provide valuable information to the user but also has the potential to generate leads for the business. If the consumers’ find value in your content, they will be more open to subscribing to your newsletter or download that e-book which provides more detail about the topic or follow you on the various social media platforms. The key here is to include the call-to-action at the right place in order to drive high number of leads with your content.
  5. Improve conversions: Not only leads, content also has the potential to improve conversions. With the trust and authority that you have been able to build with the content, it is likely that it will result in better conversions from consumers’ in the long run. Again, like leads, you have to figure out the right place to fix your CTA for the consumer to take action.
  6. Helps in SEO: Content is the soul of SEO. Any website will require a strong supply of content in order to rank high in the search results. So, it is no secret that a good content marketing plan will help you in your SEO efforts in taking the website higher on the SERPs.

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