4 Tips to Find Less Competition Blogging Niches

On a journey to become a successful blogger, choosing a niche could be one of the most important, but time-taking and mentally-exhausting tasks that you would undertake. Simply put, it is a simple process of marrying your knowledge, passion and profitability. Here I will share with you … actionable tips to find less competition blogging niches and at the same time also give you an idea about the broad niches that you should stay away from due to several factors which are detailed below.

There have been several successful case studies where people have been able to succeed without any blogging niche in place. But that doesn’t mean it is the way to go about it. In current times where almost all areas have super targeted blogs and search engines also prefer sources in results which are focused on a specific area. Even if you have started a personal blog and are on a journey to establish your personal brand, it is suggested that you focus on a specific area in which you share your experiences and knowledge with the world.

Tips to find Less Competition Blogging Niches

Here are the 4 Actionable Tips to find Less Competition Blogging Niches:

1. Pick a topic of your interest

2. Do market research

3. Is broad niche better or micro niche?

4. Focus on profitability

What is a blogging niche?

A blog niche is a specific topic you will or plan to write (or create other types of content – videos, podcasts, infographics etc) about on your blog.

1. Pick a topic of your interest

One way of making sure that you will stay ahead of the competition is by choosing the topic of your interest. Rather than relying on hardcore data in order to derive the niche that you should focus on, it is better to take a step back and reflect on your interests. What is it that is interesting to you? It should be something with which you can spend hours talking or discussing. It can be movies, fashion, photography, finance, stock markets, marketing etc.

By choosing a topic of your interest, you are already one step ahead of the competition. While your competitors are trying to impress the readers, you are following a topic of your interest. In the long term, you will be able to beat the competition as you would be able to devote more efforts with increased consistency due to the high interest that you have in the topic.

2. Do market research

While it is important to choose a topic of your interest, it is equally important to figure out that the topic that you are about to focus on has a large enough audience to make it work. For instance, by focusing on the first point in isolation, you have figured out that you are interested in starting a blog about men’s grooming tips. It is important to know that how many people are searching for the niche that you are planning to establish your blog on.  

One way to do it is by searching for the term on Google Trends. By doing this, you will be able to figure out how the user interest has been as far as the search term on which the blog is going to be based. It is advisable to avoid the trends where the search interest is on a decline.

By focusing on the Google Trends data, you will be able to make sure that the niche that you are planning to enter has a large enough user base that can be targeted.  

3. Is broad niche better or micro niche?

When you decide to start a blog, a basic confusion is whether you should start a very broad niche or a laser focused micro niche? The answer lies somewhere in between. A micro niche like ‘Spider man flip-flops for men’ may not work well for you because of the limited audience base and the limited scope of offering value to the users in terms of flip flop designs that they are looking for. At the same time, a broad niche like ‘fashion’ may not work well either. According to a recent study, there are around 31.7 million bloggers in 2021 and the number is going to explode further as the internet reaches more users.

Rather than choosing a broad niche or a super micro niche, you should go for a micro niche that has a sizeable audience and at the same time, provides flexibility to experiment with topics and provide more value to the user. For instance, rather than choosing business as the niche, you can look at niches like how to start a business while in a job or how to communicate in office. Similarly, going back to fashion example, rather than focusing on fashion as a broad topic, you can focus on women’s casual wear tips or establish men’s guide for grooming and personal care.

In a nutshell, the idea is to choose the middle road where there is less traffic so that you are able to move forward and reach your destination in record time.

4. Focus on profitability

This is the last but the most important actionable tip in this article. Always focus on profitability from the very start. Do not find yourself in a situation where you have spent hours, weeks and months building a blog that has very less possible revenue streams. So, rather than finding yourself in a hole in the middle of the road, look at the possibility of driving revenue and profit from your blog during the starting phase itself.

By looking at the possible revenue earning streams, you would also get several ideas about the path that you want to take in terms of the growth of the blog. It can be affiliate marketing, advertisements, launching own products etc. The possibilities are endless. But it is important to have a clear understanding about the possibilities that exist in the first stage itself.

These were the four actionable tips that you may find useful for finding less competition blogging niches. I hope these points have been able to give you some clarity on the path that you want to take. You can also refer to this guide on driving high traffic on your blog.

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