Different Types of Keywords: Informational, Transactional, Navigational and Commercial

There are different types of keywords that users are typing for in the search engines. These can be broadly categorized into: Informational Keywords Transactional Keywords Navigational Keywords Commercial Keywords 1. Informational keywords These keywords are used by users which are searching to gain information about the topic. The informational keywords typically have a large volume … Read more

Keyword Research for the beginner blogger

Keyword research is one of the most foundational steps for getting your blog off the ground and keep it running. A good and thorough keyword research not only gives you ideas for blogs that you can focus on but it also gives you an idea about the keywords that your competitors are ranking for. This … Read more

5 Top Free Digital Marketing Courses with Certificate (Updated 2021)

To understand and master Digital Marketing, one can either look at taking expensive courses that are offered by specialized trainers and institutions. Alternatively, you can also start taking small steps and have a look at the following free courses that are offered online. Best part is you also get a certificate on completing most of them. Here are the 5 Top Free Digital Marketing Courses (with Certificate).

8 best digital marketing books for marketers in 2021

With traditional marketing channels registering a decline in retaining the attention of the target users and more users spending considerable amount of time on digital media platforms, learning the art and science of digital marketing has become one of the most important skill for modern marketing. Here we give you a list of best digital marketing books that are a must-read for everyone who wants to understand digital marketing.

How to attract high traffic on blog? 5 key content writing tips

Writing good content only comes after years of learning, practice and persistence. The good content will only flow after the bad content in your system has been exhausted. So, rather than thinking too much about what to write about and how to go about it, I say you start with the first article on why you are starting this blog. That will be a good start to the blogging journey. Once you have taken that decision, it is now time to dive deep into the 10 secrets to write interesting content on your blog to attract high traffic.

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