How to start affiliate marketing in India? 5 Best Affiliate Networks to get you started today!

Affiliate marketing provides excellent avenues to professionals who want to get into e-commerce or for marketers looking to monetize their website traffic. It is known as one of the most well-known passive income generation tools.

Here are India’s top affiliate marketing programs and a step-by-step process to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a technique by which an advertiser pays a website (also called an affiliate) a commission to generate leads or orders from the traffic the website is able to generate. Affiliate marketing is based on affiliate performance, which is rewarded each time a visitor takes an engaging action after contacting promotional content.


Here are the Top 5 Affiliate programs in India that you need to sign up for:

1) Amazon Associates – Amazon Associates is one of the top affiliate programs in India, and you can also secure commission for other products that consumers buy. Depending on your purchase item, you can get from 0.3% to 12% commission through Amazon’s affiliate program.

2) Flipkart affiliate program – It is one of the first e-commerce players offering one of the best affiliate programs in India, and there is no fee to sign up for it. All you have to do is generate and generate traffic from your website / mobile website / mobile app to Flipkart and earn commission on every purchase. Each time a user clicks on a banner/link to purchase on the site, he can earn up to 15% of his earnings.

3) Vcommission – Ranked as one of the best affiliate networks in India, vCommission delivers performance for India’s top brands both online and on mobile through a growing network of 17,500 subsidiaries.

4) Optimize – Also known as OMG India, it is one of the leading affiliate networks in India, with global coverage in more than 30 countries. Backed by excellent customer service and performance, it has disruptive technology and is deeply rooted in categories such as retail, travel, automotive, telecom, and economics.

5) eBay affiliate – This affiliate program is perfect for anyone who wants to make money right away. This affiliate program highlights that it allows both individuals and businesses, and the payments are expensive and fast. In particular, affiliates can earn up to 12% commission.


Save costs – Affiliate programs provide the responsibility of selling to affiliates that can easily avoid paying sales staff. If the sale is not made, the subsidiary is responsible for the sale, and the entire responsibility lies with the subsidiary. This saves money because companies do not have to spend in different ways to increase sales.

Pay for successful ads – The most important part of an affiliate program is that you never pay for ads that do not sell well because affiliates generally provide high-quality materials and make money when they lead to sales.

There is no need to spend on marketing sets – Being a subsidiary; you do not have to buy individual marketing kits from the sellers. So you do not need to do any real promotion, advertising, or banner.

Huge income – If you know the tactics and adopt the right and real means to make money on this business; it is a million-dollar industry.


A long-term business strategy – Despite what marketers and mentors say about affiliate marketing, making money is not a short-term process. It is a very long road, and a business strategy can take months to get your business on the right track.

Long-term fixed fee – Long-term affiliate partnerships can be frustrating because they operate on predetermined criteria and the fee they offer. For example, the Amazon Associates Affiliate program pays a fixed percentage based on sales, which is not negotiable for years and depends on the contract.

The customer base cannot be created – One of the biggest truths in affiliate business strategy is that customers trying to buy a product from a website do not buy it often. Instead of your website, customers can buy products directly from affiliate sellers. As such, you must participate in an affiliate marketing program that offers permanent commissions.


Many small phases are more or less important in the sales process. To better understand how to get started with affiliate marketing, it’s important to follow four basic steps:

1. Choose the right niche –The first thing to do is to choose your area of ​​expertise. Do not select topics that are too large or different. The chances of success are greatly reduced. If you like niche sites, be as specific as possible and find reliable and valuable information.

2. Market analysis – Once you’ve chosen the right niche, the next thing you need to do is carefully analyze whether the product you choose is actually in demand by people. If so, whether it can make a profit. You can do this by exploring Google and assessing the competition. Also, check the ads in the search results. If people invest in this sector, it means there is a market.

3. Build a website – Once you’ve selected a product, you need to create a complete niche page around it or a landing or sales page. Unfortunately, having a simple website isn’t enough to guarantee sales; you need to optimize everything to convince your users to buy.

4. Attract visitors to the site – Of course, you need to generate continuous traffic to your site. There are many potential traffic sources, which are listed below.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Advanced SEO technology allows search engines to notice you and display your site on the first page of Google search results for a particular keyword.
  • Social Media – Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have become common sense for each of us. A positive presence on social media platforms can bring a myriad of benefits.
  • Email Marketing – Today, email marketing is one of the most effective strategies to date. Good results can be achieved if you can create a high-quality, relevant contact list (email).
  • Paid Traffic – Basically, you create paid ads via social media, search engines, or banners to encourage users to click to reach your offer. You will usually be charged each time someone clicks on your link.

Basically, to generate income online through affiliate marketing, all you have to do is recommend a product or service relevant to your audience and the seller of the product you are promoting.

It is everything, including product creation, sales process, customer service, redemption, etc. The key to success with affiliate marketing lies in starting and learning new tips and strategies to grow your affiliate business.

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