How to attract high traffic on blog? 5 key content writing tips

Writing good content is not everyone’s cup of tea (with “good” being the key word in the sentence). Blogging can help you in increasing recall and increase brand value in the long run along with increasing ROI. Many have been thinking for years on the blog that they want to start. Many more are thinking about the topics that they should write about. But what is missing from the picture is – action.

There is simply lack of action that is stopping people from starting that blog. Writing good content only comes after years of learning, practice and persistence. The good content will only flow after the bad content in your system has been exhausted. So, rather than thinking too much about what to write about and how to go about it, I say you start with the first article on why you are starting this blog.

That will be a good start to the blogging journey.  Once you have taken that decision, it is now time to dive deep into the 10 secrets to write interesting content on your blog to attract high traffic.

1. Structure: Even before you pen down that first word on the paper or type that first word on the keyboard, I suggest you get an outline of the blog in order. An outline will be half the battle won. That will not only give structure to your thoughts but will also be able to make necessary changes in the thought process at the very start. Not that this outline or structure will be final but will be a good place to start. For instance, if you plan to write about Keto Diet’s pros and cons, you may structure your content as ‘Introduction’, ‘About Keto’, ‘Brief History’, ‘5 Pros’, ‘5 Cons’ and ‘Conclusion’. By doing this, you will be able to have the right mindset about that all has to be covered in this blog. But remember, this is only the start and do not spend too much time trying to get the structure right at this stage.

Notebook with glasses
Do a thorough research on the topic being covered

2. Deep research: Always remember that the objective of blogging may be to build an audience, to generate influence or just to put out your perspective, the user will be able to figure out in case you do not already have a deep knowledge about the topic you are writing about or you haven’t done your homework well. Hence, before going to the writing board, please make sure that you do deep research on the topic that you plan to cover. Going back to the Keto Diet example, apart from the outline that we have drawn above, in case you are able to get in touch with people who have followed Keto and include their experience in your blog, it will add a lot of value to the content. Similarly, if you are able to study a recent report on keto Diet by an Ivy League University in the US and merge its findings in your blog, the content would appear more complete. So, always focus on researching about a topic deeply before you start penning down your thoughts.

3. Know the pain points of the user: Always remember that the user is coming to your article to find a solution or to gain knowledge about a specific topic. It is always better to have an idea about the pain point of the user so that the content in the blog is able to provide a possible solution. For instance, if the blog is about home workouts, it is always better to focus on topics like how to maintain a continuous schedule, how to follow a strict diet and how to stay motivated in order to be a regular at the home workouts. Always think from the perspective of the end user and try to figure out the challenges that are being faced by him/her.

Be clear about what you want the consumer to do.

4. Have a clear call to action: Having a clear call to action in the start, middle or at the end of the blog is integral to driving traffic on your blog. In case you want the user to read the other articles on the blog, provide relevant internal links in the content and show related articles at the end. Similarly, if you want the user to subscribe to the weekly newsletter, ask for his/her email in exchange for an ebook/book related to the blog. In short, you should be clear about what do you expect from the user and plan your content strategy accordingly.

5. Get the basics right: It is very important to get the basics right in order to get high traffic on your blog. What are these basics?

  • An interesting headline: No one wants to read an article that is unable to either generate interest, curiosity, eagerness to know more or a question in the mind of the reader. It is the headline that is the first hook thrown to the user. So always stick with an interesting headline while publishing any blog. Readers often ask me when they should write the headline – at the start or at the end of the article. I say, both. Start with writing a headline and go through the entire process. At the end, go through the article yourself, edit it and then look at the headline. If you feel it is doing justice to the blog, let it be or make changes as you feel fit.
  • Subheadings and Bullets: As much as possible, look for a structure that allows you distribute your content in blocks where you are able to create subheadings and bullets within the content. While people are eager to consume deep content that provides in-depth knowledge about a certain topic rather than just going through an introduction, it is equally important to structure the content in a fashion that the end consumer finds it interesting. Also, subheadings allow you to cover each topic at a time and use of bullets make the content easy to scan through.
  • Use of images: It is very important to use the right images in the articles. Remember, there are only limited elements that you have in the blog like text, images, videos, charts, infographics etc. So make sure that you use them in a manner that is able to retain the reader for a longer duration and at the end of the blog. Images play a critical role in this. Make sure that the images that are being used as part of the blog are placed correctly and have relevance in terms of their placement.
  • Optimize for SEO: In order to get high traffic on your blog, search engine optimization will be the key activity to this goal post. Make sure that you are checking the right boxes in terms of keywords, backlinks, alt text and other SEO basics so that the quality of the content on the blog is able to rank it higher on the search engines.

In short, what we are saying is, now is time to start on the journey of being a blogger so that you are able to share your knowledge and wisdom with the world. In case you have already taken the first step, inculcate these learnings in your next blog and see the difference it makes to the traffic you are able to attract.

Do let me know in comments on which other challenges you face in driving your blog and I will try and cover them in the next one!

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