Digital Marketing Career Guide: How to be an awesome digital marketer (2021 edition)

The internet has become not only an important part of our lives but very much an essential one. Many of the world’s business activities are conducted on the internet, and few of them are as prolific and in-demand as a career in Digital Marketing. Digital marketing career is one of the most popular fields for people who want to get involved in Marketing. As smart devices become more involved in our daily life, the more in-demand digital marketers are for their services. Every banner, advertisement, and pop-up ad you see was designed by a Digital Marketer either contracted for their services or by an in-house team.

Digital Marketing Career Guide

What are the Jobs in Digital Marketing?

In a field as varied as Digital Marketing, you can find several kinds of jobs. Usually, all of them have different requirements, like varying levels of experience in Digital Marketing, more work hours depending on the type of job, and even certification in various fields of digital marketing. While there are hundreds of other jobs, these five, in particular, are the most in-demand:

  1. Digital Marketing Manager: Due to Digital Marketing only having exploded in popularity recently, digital marketing managerposts are reserved for professionals who can take the reins for an entire team. Usually, they are worth their weight in gold. These directors help the customers visualize where they want to take their marketing campaign and are ultimately an essential part of the marketing process.
  • SEO Specialist: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking websites, articles, and blogs on major search engines like Google to bring organic traffic. For example, if there’s a surge in questions about cheap laptops, companies and websites would contract an SEO Specialist to write articles listing Cheap Laptops and expect people to land on their website due to the high-quality content they are providing for the topic.
  • Pay Per Click Analyst: Pay Per Click Analysts might seem like the lowest rank, but in reality, it’s one of the busiest jobs. They need to quickly display profits more significant than the investment made by the company. PPC Analysts usually require a more thorough knowledge of the psychology behind consumer clicks.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are some of the largest platforms for advertising at a very low premium. They’re so popular that sometimes, the advertisement drive starts with a Social Media Marketer driving the demand, with a website later following.
  • Content Marketing: This is a job that requires the ultimate level of creativity, flexibility, and adaptability. Content marketers have to provide copywriting, blogs on hundreds of different topics to accompany visual marketing, campaign posts, and even email newsletters!

What is the salary of a digital marketer?

The salary of a digital marketer will depend heavily on the company you work for and your rank in the marketing team. Still, in 2021, the average salary for digital marketers ranges from 300,000 INR for lower posts like Content Marketers and SEO Specialists to Rs.600,000 for higher posts like Digital Marketing Directors.

This pay range makes digital marketing undoubtedly one of the best-rewarding fields of the modern world. Having said that, fresh candidates might have a hard time getting into the field since almost all hiring managers look for experienced professionals. The good part is that you can gain experience by freelancing or by establishing a new project or website for yourself and show that as an experience. Even for freshers, the pay is more than decent, not dipping below Rs. 220,000 per annum!

How to Start a Digital Marketing Career?

As a fresher, you’re going to have a little trouble at the start of your digital marketing career. Most digital marketing teams look for marketers who have experience adapting to the image of the marketing campaign and changing their perspective as required. If you want to know the fundamental steps in how to get a job in digital marketing in the first place, there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of getting hired, like:

  • Know the Basics of Digital Marketing: While you’re looking for a job, it doesn’t hurt to go back to the basics and make sure you’re prepared.
  • Become Fluent in Search Engine Optimization: SEO Analysts are the most commonly demanded types of digital marketers. If you have a different specialty, try mastering SEO techniques.
  • Get Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs: Not all Digital Marketing job choices have to be at big companies. Start small, with less-pressure freelance jobs to get experience in the field.
  • Do an Internship for Experience: While freelance jobs are for personal experience and don’t usually count on resumes, a digital marketing internship is a natural way to impressively add to your CV.
  • Get a Google Ads Certificate: Using Google to promote products or brands is a valued talent in marketers. The most efficient way to display your talent is to get a Google Ads Certificate.
  • Follow Digital Marketing Experts: You can follow the leading digital marketing experts to gain in-depth knowledge about topics that you are interested in within digital marketing. This will help you gain real knowledge on how the industry works.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Career in Digital Marketing?

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a career in digital marketing is pretty simple. The field usually comes with many benefits, like low risk and high pay, making it a desirable job.

Some of the biggest benefits of having a Digital Marketing job are:

  1. Flexible Industry: The online marketing industry is dynamic and constantly changing. Depending on where you work, you can easily get flexible timings, along with new, exciting projects frequently.
  • Colossal Demand: It’s no exaggeration to say that good digital marketer professionals are worth their weight in gold. Companies will pay outrageous salaries for marketers who can produce immediate, effective results.
  • Lucrative Source of Income: On top of many job opportunities, digital marketing will be around as long as the Internet will be. Hundreds of different sectors and industries offer jobs as digital marketers, with more experience only increasing your pay!

But, even with all of these advantages, it’s vital to recognize the cons of a digital marketing career. Few as they are, they can easily cause you to be out of a job, and it’s borderline miraculous to be able to repair a damaged reputation in Digital Marketing. The most commonly stated cons are:

  1. Competition: Competition, competition, competition. The major con of Digital Marketing cateet is that because of outsourcing, there are a hundred people ready and waiting for your job, which means your results can never drop below what’s expected!
  • Time Dedication: Like a lot of other marketing jobs, digital marketing career growth depends on your skill. You not only need to enjoy the field to be good at it, but you need to willingly spend hours far beyond what you’re paid in the beginning to get good at it.

Just like any other field, a digital marketing career comes with its share of benefits and challenges. Rather than getting discouraged by the cons, you should look towards building up your own experience in the field and following the listed steps to make sure your resume attracts the attention of companies and marketing/hiring teams!

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