How to start affiliate marketing in India? 5 Best Affiliate Networks to get you started today!

Affiliate marketing is a technique by which an advertiser pays a website (also called an affiliate) a commission to generate leads or orders from the traffic the website is able to generate. Affiliate marketing is based on affiliate performance, which is rewarded each time a visitor takes an engaging action after contacting promotional content.

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO? Top social bookmarking sites in 2021

Social Bookmarking in SEO is an off-page technique that includes saving or bookmarking relevant content from your blog to specific URLs and websites on social bookmarking websites. To understand it better, let us split the term – ‘Social’ and ‘Bookmarking’. Social platforms are the ones on which users interact with each other. Bookmarking is an … Read more

How to attract high traffic on blog? 5 key content writing tips

Writing good content only comes after years of learning, practice and persistence. The good content will only flow after the bad content in your system has been exhausted. So, rather than thinking too much about what to write about and how to go about it, I say you start with the first article on why you are starting this blog. That will be a good start to the blogging journey. Once you have taken that decision, it is now time to dive deep into the 10 secrets to write interesting content on your blog to attract high traffic.